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What is Unifyy?

A CRM that will crush your sales goals by 20% in 30 days.


By using software that makes more powerful salespeople.

Unifies all sales communications

Unifyy makes you more money by providing your team with a fully functional phone system, SMS, email, and more all in the browser window. Unifyy is a fully robust telephony system that handles inbound and outbound calls, voicemail, IVRs and more.

Built in phone, SMS, email, & more

Unifyy can replace your existing phone system to save you money or work alongside it. In addition, Unifyy integrates with your existing email system but can also integrate with Mailchimp and Mandrill.

Makes salespeople smarter

Your sales peoples judgement of which leads to call next is hurting you. Unifyy can prioritize leads based on close-ability then feeds them to your salespersons phone one-by-one.

Reports dollars to ad platforms

Unifyy integrates seamlessly with paid advertising platforms like Google and Facebook so you know how much profit is where. Where you were previously optimizing on cost-per-lead you can now optimize on profit.

Followup Automation

Unifyy automates the followup for each lead based on its last disposition. For example, if your sales person reaches a voicemail Unifyy can be set to automatically send a single or series of emails and/or SMSs which increases contact rate.

Works anywhere on any device

Have a mobile workforce? Unifyys interface and phone system works anywhere on any device. A salesperson can be logged in on their mobile device and desktop and can make and receive calls on both from anywhere in the world.

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Why Unifyy?

Unifyy digs deep to find dollars. It's free for 14 days as proof.

Unifyy uses technology that to find money that is sitting in your pipeline right now. Unifyy was built by closers and marketers as a tool for our own endeavors and now we want to share it with you.

Enforces good salesperson behavior

With more than followup and productivity enforcement, Unifyy compels motion and energy with sales person reports. This gamifies the sales process on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly scoreboard which encourages competition.

Integrates with everything

Unifyy integrates with everything right out of the box. We do custom integrations too for annual users, usually at no charge. Integrate with your existing phone system, email, MailChimp, Zapier, and more.

Reports financial data to ad platforms

Do you do digital advertising? Stop focusing on cost-per-lead. With Unifyy you can report actual profit back to ad platforms like Google and Facebook to determine where the most profitable leads come from and optimize from there.

Amazing U.S. support staff

Need a great support experience? Unifyy offers great phone support free for 14 days to all users, then support tickets and chats thereafter. Users have the option to pay a small fee to continue using US-based phone support.

Automatic & diligent followup

With Unifyy you can be 100% sure that EVERY lead has been followed up with at exactly the proper time without a single lead falling through the cracks. You fully control the followup routines that make sense for your business.

Reporting you’ll love

Unifyy reporting drills down deep into not just the financial return of your sales operation but the psyches of your sales people. Know who works hard, who works efficiently, and who works hard and efficiently with Unifyy’s reporting.

Calls, texts, emails on one screen

Phone calls (inbound and outbound), 2-way texting, and emails are all in a single browser window. No more wasting time fumbling around to find and dial phone numbers. Sales people using Unifyy gain 30% more productivity per day.

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Free 14-day trial. Demos by Zoom. More money today.

Real Customer Stories

Rated 4.9/5 stars from Unifyy users

Read why thousands of marketers, sales, and entrepreneurs love Unifyy!

Anthony Bennett

SF Life Insurance Co


I seriously can't recommend this software enough.

If you are serious about tracking your ROI and keeping your staff busy and efficient, then this is the tool for you. No more guessing, you know exactly where each dollar goes.

Eric Reed

Reed & Co Realty


If you're a serious about maximizing your leads, this will be your favorite tool

Follow up for us is crucial. But more importantly, making sure our staff is following up with the right leads . With Unifyy, we can have our staff call the right people, at the right time. No more wasted leads and money.

Mulgrew Miller

The Miller Agency


Keep your vendors honest

As a small agency, our priority is making sure every dollar is maximized. This tool allows us to track which vendor is producing for us, and which ones we should cut or scale back.

Ellen Andersson

The Music Spot


The best tool for customer retention

Unifyy has made it extremely quick and easy to keep track of our long standing customers, to make sure they stay a customer for a very long time.

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Unifyy is the first CRM design to work digital advertising efforts from sources like Google Ads, Facebook, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I use Unifyy instead of any other CRM?

There are many reasons why you should use Unifyy over other CRM’s. Besides its speed and ease-of-use the top 2 reasons are as follows:

Unifyy includes a fully-featured phone system, email, and SMS system in the browser.

Besides saving money by getting rid of your over-priced phone system (optional) integrating your phone system into your CRM does a few things. Mainly, it saves time on things like dialing, leaving voicemails, and figuring out who to call next. Your salespeople simply just open Unifyy, unpause their status, and Unifyy starts connecting them with prospects. The outcomes of these phone calls are recorded and Unifyy then takes action on those outcomes. For example, if your sales person gets a voicemail they can click a button to leave a pre-recorded voicemail and end the call before the entire voicemail is left. After that Unifyy will send a series of text messages and/or emails at intervals you specify.

Unifyy is the only CRM designed around reporting financial information to marketing platforms.

Unifyy fully and automatically integrated with platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. This means when a user fills a form or calls your business their purchase (or other valuable transaction) is reported back to the advertising platform - a feature previously reserved only for transactions occurring entirely online. Now you have 100% visibility into the financial return of not just your paid ad campaigns but the attributes within them. For example, you can find out what your return is on a specific keyword. It’s likely that before using Unifyy you or your advertising manager was optimizing campaigns on the lowest cost per lead. Now you can optimize campaigns based on the best return on ad spend.

How does Unifyy make me more money?

Unifyy makes businesses more money by dramatically extending what a sales producer can do in a given time. In any given hour a sales producer or servicer can do 25% to 50% more than they would be able to without the use of Unifyy. This is accomplished in several ways but primarily it comes down to time management. Small savings add up to big ones. For example, removing the need to dial phone numbers, leave voicemails, and looking through a list to figure out who to call next during an 8 hour day greatly increases the time your producers are on the phone selling. Add into that sending email follow ups after a call or typing out a text message and you greatly amplify what a producer can do per hour, per day, per week, etc.

In addition, if you generate leads using paid advertising Unifyy can make the return on your current spend much, much, better. This is because Uniffy reports offline conversion data in an online manner. For example, if some of your customers monetize by phone it’s unlikely that that revenue is being reported to back the ad platform. Even if it’s being considered the revenue is not being properly attributed to a keyword, audience, time of day, location, and so on. By properly attributing this information to these ad segments your paid advertising manager can better optimize campaigns, prevent losses, and more aggressively pursue avenues of not just revenue, but profit.

Is there a long-term contract to use Unifyy?

No. Unifyy has no long term contract. If you choose to pay the annual rate in exchange for a discount when enrolling for Unifyy you can still cancel at any time however we do not issue refunds for unused monthly service fees.

How does Unifyy charge for its services and what’s the total cost?

Unifyy charges a flat monthly fee for each user which is specified on our pricing page. Additionally, clients of Unifyy can purchase an upgraded support plan. (All new users get full support free for the first 30 days). Unifyy also charges for air time, phone numbers, and SMS messages you use/send using our partner Twilio. Unifyy passes these costs directly to you without markup. These incurred charges are settled at the end of each month. To get an accurate estimate of these charges refer to our pricing page.

Will Unifyy replace my existing phone system?

The short answer is that Uniffy can and should replace your existing phone system entirely but this is optional. Unifyy will give you the best results when all inbound and outbound calls can be attributed to the customer and lead records to build a nice, detailed history of interactions between your customers and your business. Additionally, Unifyy’s financial reports of your business will be much more accurate.

Unifyy has an option to integrate with your existing phone system. All calls can be passed through it and can even use your existing desk phones.

How do I integrate Unifyy with my webforms?

Integration is simple. Unifyy can do this for you (but we charge an hourly fee for it) or your developer can. Your developer simply programs your website/webform to POST data to Unifyy.

How can Unifyy track phone calls from paid marketing?

Unifyy provides you with a small JavaScript snippet for installation on your website. This script associates a phone call with a webvist to capture all of the important information needed to report any monetary conversion back to an advertising platform.

How do I link my Facebook and/or Google ads account to Unifyy?

Upon enrolling in Unifyy you will be asked to add Unifyy as a manager to your existing accounts. This grants Unifyy API access to be able to report conversions and their data to the ad platform.